• Wait a sec.. i am not going to sign up for anything just randomly like that, what is this??

    Have fun and get what you want

    Start With Happiness is simply next level lifehacking. What if I told you everything you really wanted you could get if you started with figuring out how to become happy, fulfilled and feeling alive?

    Most people think the opposite, you need the money, love of your life and career and THEN you will find happiness. Well I did not really believe in that and started experimenting with my own life 8 years ago. What I've found out has been mind-boggling, but there's something even better: it has been fun all the way from day one.

    so you really mean we got it all wrong?

    Yeah in a way. I mean if we let ourselves become a bit philosophical here for a second, I think we can agree that we all want to be happy, fulfilled and feel "alive". Even if you say what you really want is to just win the lottery or have a volume knob for your noisy neighbors, if you ask yourself why you want that a few times, chances are that you will find that the underlying cause is you wanting to be happy.

    This made me think, why not have the "end result" already now and all the way through? Must be more fun that way if it's possible!

    it still doesn't make sense to me.

    Haha I'll be honest, when I started this "mission" 8 years ago, prioritizing happiness and figuring out what actually makes me and others happy I didn't have a plan on how this would work itself out in the long run. And yes at first it sounds like something very unresponsible that would probably just lead me into bad things. However I just trusted myself after I realized what kind of importance being stoked on what you are doing and where you are going every day is. Now that the pieces are starting to fall together and I understand how making myself more happy in the beginning actually let me have better results in all other parts of my life, I can tell you what I have learned is worth creating a website about! :)

    The content over here will take you to a complete understanding on how to become happy first, use that happiness to get everything else you want and as I said before, enjoy the whole trip all the way through!

    Unfortunately though...

    This website is not ready yet, and the whole project is just in the starting stages (in terms of wider public accessibility). Launch date should be sometime in the start of 2017. If you want to become notified when that happens, go back up and sign up in the form you ignored before! :)

    However for the curious people, there actually already is some content available, or at least the first version of it.

    When I say I want you to be happy and have fun I mean it. My first course is called "How To Make Your Boring Job Fun" and is simply a course on how to enjoy your workdays more. You see a lot of people work big parts of their days. A huge number fo those people do not like their jobs. In this course I will be showing you the switches you can turn to make things not only more fun, but also better, which means sometimes you will even earn more money, be able to switch jobs (to a better one hopefully) smoothly and leave your boss thinking you are someone they would hire again. Remember what the idea with this whole thing was? Have more fun AND get better results by doing so.

    Sounds weird? Unbelievable? I kind of agree, the findings someone gets from 8 years of having figuring out happiness as their number one priority in life when everyone else is busy doing the things they hope will make them happy someday are probably as weird as the choice of running an experiment like this with ones life in the first place. What I teach in the course is not common knowledge unfortunately. Fortunately I am here to change that.

  • Still reading?

    So if you got this far there has to be at least a little bit of curiosity within you, which is good, we need to be curious to be able to explore what a happy life can be like!

    if you want the first version of my course, know more, get an action plan on how to start with happiness already today or something else, let me know below!

    since this is a temporary site that i do not really expect anyone to see, the ones who contact me will be receiving more than you'd usually expect from a random site like this! :)